MARCIA LYONS is an American experimental performance artist, writer and director. Initially trained as a video artist, Lyons gained recognition in the New York BITCH art scene and the wave of MEDIA + Performativity. Throughout the 1990s, Lyons did a variety of performance-art activities, culminating in many awards, including the prestigious ROME PRIZE at The American Academy. In 2001, Lyons' performances began to transition into mainstream sensory acting, film-making and branded content. Her work falls into the category of expanded performance—Lyons' "story spacesare network fictions that cross-pollinate into extreme and uninhabited territories. A doctorate: New Directions in Screenwriting from AUT and the European Graduate School, Switzerland and AUT/NZ, has resulted in her first book, OPEN LIMIT, published by Atropos Press_Dresden/NYC, 2016. Currently living and working in LA, she is writing, directing, producing film and TV. Her 2nd book – essays in street photography, DRIVE BY SHOOTING, curated by Tom Tavelli, coming out soon.